Shielding Your Home From Pest Threats

Protecting your family takes more than installing locks on your doors or an alarm system for your house. Some threats can get into your house despite your best efforts. When pests get inside, they can put your family’s health at risk and cause serious damage to your home. Protecting your family requires you to take action, either by proactively preventing our area’s toughest pests, or by ensuring their complete elimination if they’re already inside. Critterman can help!

Quarterly Home Pest Control

Our bi-monthly pest control plan is an excellent choice for homes in need of general pest control. With a thorough inspection, initial treatment, and regular follow-up visits, our bi-monthly service plan will protect your home from the most frequent pest invaders of Texas homes.

Highlights of our quarterly plan include the following:

  • Coverage for over 40 pests
  • Six exterior service visits per year
  • Interior services on an as-needed basis
  • Free re-services

With prices starting at just $90, you can’t go wrong with our bi-monthly pest control plan.

We Control The Source Of The Problem

When you choose Critterman Pest Control, we don’t merely treat the symptoms of your pest problem, hoping it will go away. Instead, we get at the root of the problem to ensure that we eliminate it entirely. Our treatment methods, combined with our attention to detail, will stop your pest problems and take care of the conditions that may have led to them. With Critterman Pest Control, you can rest assured that your Texas home will remain pest-free.